Edward G. McGavran, III P.E. (Owner/President)

Edward (Ted) McGavran started McGavran Engineering, PC as an electrical engineering consulting practice in 1991 to work with rural power systems in the Southeastern United States. As the owner and president of the firm, he performs engineering and operations management reviews and operational plans for rural electric cooperatives, system planning for long and short range plans including distribution and transmission system analysis, design, least cost planning, economic analysis, and alternative plans. Ted studied reliability as a critical component of electric system planning criteria and ranked projects on an objective criteria based on resources available and long term financial models to determine outcomes. He has managed and designed projects for up to 115 kv transmission lines, substations and underground and overhead distribution projects. Also in conjunction with the management of these projects, he has prepared detailed construction contracts for bidding, evaluation and award bids, overseeing the construction process, contract closeouts and settling of any issues regarding damages to property by the contractor, as well as final acceptance certification and testing. The following includes (but is not limited to) work that Ted McGavran and McGavran Engineering has been and will continue to perform:

  • Oversee system mapping projects and gather GPS data
  • Write and submit Environmental Assessments for power system capital projects including transmission lines, substations, and distribution lines.
  • Prepare Spill Prevention and Countermeasure Control Plans for electric substations and operational headquarters facilities. Also prepare and rehearse Emergency Action Plans in conjunction with SPCC regulations.
  • Prepare coordination and sectionalizing studies for rural power systems. Studies include relay coordination analysis for transmission lines, substations, and distribution breakers, and down to the distribution line level. Perform system fault current studies for transmission, distribution, and industrial systems.
  • Prepare system load flow studies for electric transmission and distribution systems. Analysis has included contingency planning and power factor impact on system voltage levels and losses.
  • Work with FERC re-licensing of Catawba River Watershed by locating, surveying, and certifying distribution line crossings over the watershed. Have brought substandard crossings up to NESC and Corps of Engineers requirements based on survey and engineering analysis of the sag and tension of the electric line crossing as determined in the analysis.
  • Design and perform feasibility studies for standby generator projects for industrial clients on rural and municipal electric systems including PURPA certifications.
  • Select routes and sites for substation and transmission line projects. Work with right of way acquisition to attain The best routes and sites possible for these projects in an Imminent Domain environment.
  • Provide expert witness testimony and litigation support in Civil cases including electrical contacts with electric power lines, industrial faults leading to damaged facilities and/or loss of product, and condition of electrical equipment.
  • Perform system work order inspections for rural electric systems to certify that work has been done to the standards required by the Rural Utility Service.
  • Perform pole attachment and joint use rate analysis, contract negotiation, attachment and NESC violation audits. Set up and manage compliance programs, joint trench projects, as well as run client joint use programs on an outsource basis. Clients include electric coops and municipal electric systems throughout the Carolinas.

Ted attended Northwest Cabarrus High School in Concord, NC, graduating in 1978. He then went on to study electrical engineering at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC, graduating in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

His first job was as a Power Supply Technician while he was an engineering student at NC State University for the North Carolina Electric Membership Corporation in Raleigh, NC (www.ncemcs.com) and was involved in the following projects:

  • Analyzed RTU deployment for statewide load management and SCADA system. Used SAS statistical analysis to deploy RTUs throughout the State of North Carolina to minimize total deployment costs;
  • Worked with staff to analyze NCEMC financial models for the Catawba Nuclear plant purchase from Duke Energy;
  • Developed model to analyze lease-purchase decisions for leased delivery points for coops with leased deliveries on the Duke Energy system; and
  • Worked to develop statewide transmission system asset base and map for all North Carolina Electric Cooperatives.

Upon graduation from NC State, Ted moved back to Charlotte, NC and began employment with Electrical Consulting Engineers, Inc. as an electrical engineer (www.e-c-e.net) and was involved in the following projects:

  • Performed design calculations, spot structures, prepare bid documents and manage 115 KV and 69 KV Transmission Line Projects;
  • Prepared two year work plans and system planning reports for rural Electric Cooperatives in North Carolina and Virginia;
  • Performed sectionalizing and coordination studies for Cooperatives in North Carolina;
  • Assisted with field relay tests and substation start-ups;
  • Performed design, bid and closeout for 115, 44 & 69 - 12.5 kV substation projects;
  • Prepared borrower's environmental reports; and
  • Performed work order inspections
Edward G. McGavran III, P.E. is a licensed Professional Engineer in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Florida and Michigan. Edward is also a long standing member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES).

John L. Talbert, P.E. (Project Engineer/Project Manager)
1986 Graduate of The University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a BS in Electrical Engineering. Registered Professional Engineer in SC (1993), VA (1997), and NC (1998). Began career working as a consultant before joining Westinghouse Savannah River Plant as a Senior Engineer. Having enjoyed the consulting environment went back into consulting before becoming Manager of Engineering @ Carteret Craven Electric Cooperative. 23 years experience in power distribution, with expertise within the substation and protection field. Designed many substations inclusive of material/construction contracts, monitoring the construction at site and final inspection and testing of relays and controls. Primary experience with Electric Cooperatives and municipalities within NC. Voltage levels from 230kV down to 120/240VAC.

Mike Rowland (Senior Project Engineer)
Mike has telecommunications industry background with 25 plus years of design experience in F2 pair design and inspection for RUS and Bell operating companies throughout the 70's 80's and 90's. He also worked on AT&T's transcontinental network during the 80's. He worked as an engineer and construction supervisor for CLEC turnkey fiber optic, SONET ring projects in North and South Carolina. He has extensive knowledge of fiber optics and Sonet Ring design, as well as all phases of telecommunication system implementation from planning through supervision of ongoing maintenance and expansion. Mike was an Engineering Field Manager for joint trench management teams for Duke Energy Engineering Services in the Duke Power central region of North Carolina. He was also a Design Engineer and Resident Engineer for fiber to the home for Seneca Knob Seneca Rock Telephone, city of Morristown, TN, Bristol, TN, and Bristol, VA. and in southern Virginia's Mid-Atlantic Broadband project. Recently, he has been an inspector for non-compliance contracts for Union Power Cooperative in Monroe, NC. Mike is well versed in the latest NESC regulations for electric utilities as well as telecommunications utilities and has spent much of his career in outside field operations.

Bruce M. Fowler (Engineer)
Bruce has worked with consulting engineering firms for 35 years with areas of responsibilities in: line construction, design, managing, and planning in distribution projects, including complete project management and oversight of overhead and underground distribution and transmission relocation projects for highway and area redevelopment. He has also done project management for substation new and updating facilities projects including the long range planning of/and financing projects. Project management, design, bidding, closeout, for new overhead and underground projects that were funded by Federal and/or State funds. Prepared and reviewed with city personal and city councils 10-year planning programs, capital and operating budgets and funding options for capital improvement projects. Preparing comprehensive rate studies, rate schedules and service regulations, for presentation and approval to City Councils and Utility Commissions. Also includes projects for SCADA Load Management Programs and implementation, including equipment installation, and analysis of the programs over the years. Have preformed billing reviews and bidding and overseeing installation of AMR and AMI systems.

Stephanie Higgins (Office Manager/Administrator)
Stephanie brings 15 + years of office administration experience to McGavran Engineering, joining the company in October of 2011. She takes care of the day to day running of the office, making sure that the other employees are free to do the important work they are charged with while taking care of the administrative, clerical and accounting aspects of the office. Stephanie makes sure that all of the professional licensing for the firm is up to date and that any document that leaves the office is well written and professional in its appearance. She works closely with each McGavran employee to make sure they are all as efficient as possible, getting the job done for the clients of the company.